Intervju med Dear Sophie

Vi fick en intervju med en av centralfigurerna, Ilona Kuc, bakom klädmärket Dear Sophie. Här publicerar vi intervjun i sin helhet på engelska.

Can you give us some background information about who you are?

A team of young parents, appreciating unique design, top quality and unusual style - with business corporate background and great people around. We care, we listen and we want DEAR SOPHIE to make our customers as happy as we are with the brand.

Can you give us a background to why you started Dear Sophie?

Unfortunately the answer is not very original - we wanted to do something on our own but somehow couldn’t start it. We found DEAR SOPHIE was on sale and because we had known the brand before we thought “this is it!”. We believe in our design, in the quality and we love to see how both kids and their parents see DEAR SOPHIE - and it makes our days!

What does your brand stand for?

Our aim is to make kids friends with our clothes and the prints - and parents, happy about what their kids choose ;-) 

From where do you get your inspiration?

Our leitmotif doesn’t develop - it evolves! Starting with one, completely non-binding word it goes through brainstorming sessions in unexpected situations - which end up in always too many choices to be made (that’s the hardest part of our job) and consultations. What we stick to is that our design must be liked not only by kids but also by their parents so it should be child-adult-ish ;-)

What does GOTS-certification mean to you?

Quality and highest care. For kids, for the environment and for the future.

What are your thoughts about child labour?
Absolutely unacceptable. Clothes are for kids and should not be made by kids. Our clothes are designed to make kids happy (and their parents as well!), to accompany them every day when exploring the world, to take advantage of every second of their childhood. Kids are kids which means fun fun fun.

Any new exciting things going on? 

All the time :-) At the moment we’re finalising new prints to be launched in December, just to complete the woods gang.


Vi kan avslöja att det rör sig om två helt nya prints som kommer i en begränsad upplaga. Håll dig uppdaterad.

8 nov 2018